Engage Your Friends

I have lots of online friends and they’re truly from all over the world.  Over the past while, I’ve had some of the most professional and interesting discussions ever.  I count on my friends to facilitate my learning or teach me something new every day.

The learnings are at different professional levesl but it’s learning all the same and that just makes for a more rounded approach to things.

Lately, I’ve been engaging with some folks on a completely different level.

It all started with an email from my daughter.  She originally had encouraged me to get onto Facebook so that we could stay connected by playing Text Twist.  After the legal issues with Scrabble were resolved, we included that in our daily sessions.

Then, out of the blue, she asked if I knew about Words with Friends, an application for the iPod. I hadn’t so I downloaded it, searched for her by username and we were hooked.  Words with Friends, the other WWF is a really addictive two player word game similar to Scrabble.

To avoid lawsuits, I’m sure, things are changed a bit – a new board design and different values for letters gives a new twist on an old game.  I really like the letter N being worth 2 point, for example, and a J at 10 points is very realistic.


photoA final showing me getting beat!

Since the original installation, I’ve had a chat with a few of the folks I deal with online and realize that “The_Weaze” and I aren’t the only two word game nuts.  So now, there are even more reasons to keep the iPod at my side. 

What’s most interesting is the element of timeshifting coming into play.  There are literally people all over the globe looking to beat me.  There must be a hashtag on Twitter indicating that I’m an easy mark.  But, it always ensures that when I wake, there’s someone twelve hours away waiting for my next move. 

Hmm.  CAT – DOG

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