Parallel Skill Development

I was engaged with something yesterday when my new mail notice went off and when I checked, it was a message from Computer Science teacher Peter McAsh.  Peter always has something interesting to say and always takes his students for a ride at the lead edge of the wave.  He had something to say but, because he doesn’t have a blog, decided to send it via email.  It’s an interesting insight and so I offered him the spot of guest blogger for today and he accepted.  Below are his thoughts.

As you know, I don’t have a blog, nor do I wish to start one at this stage of my career.  This has been rolling around in my head and I was wondering if you’d comment on it, blog about it, ignore it, whatever you feel is appropriate.

I was watching @willrich45 (whom I greatly respect) give a keynote at this morning.  There was a discussion about college-level students lack of digital literacy skills.  This brought to mind, for me, again, the concept of, what I call (perhaps incorrectly) parallel skill development.  The college-level students have digital literacy skills that are comparable to elementary-level students.  Digital literacy skills develop in parallel.  As the skills required for digital literacy evolve, the students acquire these skills (directly or indirectly).  Skills, such as collaborative researching, are new to Grade 3 students as they are new to Grade 11 students, as they are new to post graduate university students; and to educators!  We are all in this together and our skills develop daily; I know mine do and this is year 31 in the biz of education, but that’s another story…

So, what do you think?  Please share your thoughts with Peter.

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