Maps + Earth = 3D

A new functionality to Google Maps adds more utility and, at the same time, opens some possibilities in the classroom.  Until recently, you had access to Google Maps or Google Earth, but now with some development, you have both. Head over to Google Maps and you’ll see a new splash announcing an Earth feature.  This [...]

links for 2010-04-29

6 Ways To Reduce Irrelevant Results On Google Search The internet doesn’t contain just a few dozen or hundred relevant sources, no, it contains millions or billions or even more. To make things worse, there is no friendly and intelligent librarian to help you sort through all this information. It’s only you and a stupid [...]

Powered by PD

I arrived home really geeked yesterday.  There were a couple of reasons for this.  First, I had a chance to have prolonged discussions with two of my favourite people.  The second, and the  “Powered by PD” part came from an after-school workshop.  I am constantly humbled by the professionalism that comes from folks taking time [...]

links for 2010-04-28 | Online HTML to PDF Editor Online PDF Editor (tags: online pdfcrowd editor) Basicr - Basic Raw Search Machine. the raw search machine (tags: basicr basic raw searchengine search) Convert HTML to PDF | Online HTML to PDF API Create PDF from web pages or raw HTML code. (tags: convert pdf html tools online) [...]

links for 2010-04-27

net2ftp - a web based FTP client A web based FTP client.  When you don't have one on your computer. (tags: ftp web2.0 web tools software client php tool) Rock Your Firefox SimilarWeb gives you instant access to sites related to the one you’re browsing. Use it as a research tool to find competitors, popular [...]

Flexible Doug

I just thought that I'd play around with the blog this morning.  One of my favourite applications is Bitstrip for Schools which is licensed through the Ministry of Education for all Ontario publically funded schools.  Check out details at the OSAPAC website.  With this application, avatar creation and story telling in the comic format is [...]