Great Day of Sharing and Learning

I started today as I normally would.  I grab a bowl of cereal and my iPad.  I open the News folder and then the Zite application. This is Doug's current mode for finding out what's happening.  It's a big jump from the days when it used to be with a newspaper.  I'm constantly amazed at … Continue reading Great Day of Sharing and Learning


Give a Little; Get Back a Lot

Recently, I had blogged about how to create Big Data Sets. At the core of the post was reference to the website  For Computer Science teachers, this can be a real timesavers.  Rather than create significant test data files, use the utility here to generate data for you ... lots of data. It comes … Continue reading Give a Little; Get Back a Lot


I "stumbled upon" this web page last night and sent it out via Twitter to be picked up by anyone that cared. The story was an article showing off the photography of Art Wolfe. They are pictures of nature.  We've seen many of them.  What made this collection so unique was that the imagery was … Continue reading Hiding

I had a great learning experience yesterday! In my reading, I stumbled across this post from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning titled "7 GREAT BIBLIOGRAPHY AND CITATION TOOLS FOR STUDENTS".  I thought that it would be worthy of sharing and so sent the link to Twitter.  From there, it would end up in my Diigo … Continue reading