Happy Canada Day

This never gets old. On this day, check out your knowledge of Canadian Trivia with this quiz from the Toronto Star.  Even if you don't get them all (confession, I need to do some more history reading), there's some humour built into some of the responses.I found the Jeopardy questions posted on the Huffington Post considerably … Continue reading Happy Canada Day


Response to Spammers

I like the fact that this blog is protected by Akismet.  It keeps most of the silly comments from spammers away from you.  These comments end up in a queue in the dashboard that lets me review them just in case a good comment gets trapped.  Usually, I just go in and blow them away. … Continue reading Response to Spammers

links for 2010-10-10

Center for Digital Storytelling An international nonprofit training, project development, and research organization that assists youth and adults around the world in using digital media tools to craft and record meaningful stories from their lives and share these stories in ways that enable learning, build community, and inspire justice. (tags: digitalstorytelling storytelling digital technology story … Continue reading links for 2010-10-10