A Convergence of Thought

A couple of things entered my reading today.  The first was an infographic asking "What Does An Educational Technologist Do?"  It's an interesting graphic and worth the time to follow the link and take a look. The second reading was a blog entry from George Couros titled "What should a networked educational leader tweet about?" … Continue reading A Convergence of Thought


The Power of Images

We all know of the power of images.  They bring forth human emotions stronger than mere words.  It's part of the reason why so many use cameras and images so effectively in the classroom. One of my favourite applications that use the power of images so strongly is PicLits.   Using it is pretty easy - … Continue reading The Power of Images


Like most people, I have subscribed to many magazines and newspapers over the years.  Barrie Examiner, Clinton News-Record, Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Games, and a wide variety of computer and educational magazines too numerous to list here.  They were all good value for my dollar and I value the time that I spent with them. … Continue reading Subscriptions