Replacing Flash

A key function that we have become so reliant on when browsing the internet is the use of Flash for animations, menuing, simulation, and so much more. It’s a standard add-on and inclusion to any version of Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

It’s everywhere – except on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The word from Apple is that you’ll never see it. There are other options, including HTML5, that are open options that Apple does approve. From the Apple website, the following is offered as an explanation.

The word is that Apple is not alone. Microsoft has similar feelings towards the Adobe Flash product.

Microsoft’s approach is a little less forceful than Apple’s.

So, for the time being, you’ll continue to see Flash in OSX and Windows. However, we currently do not have it available for the Apple portable devices.

My personal ride with Flash has been fun. Using the GUI and the ActionScript language, I’ve led workshops and developed some action items of my own. Many are just for fun to prove to myself that I could do it. With the GEC Computers in the Classroom and my own personal website, I use it for menuing. It’s really slick to be able to create an object and just use it where I need it.

But, I got burned myself this past week. I need to look up a resource that I knew was available by link from the Student Reference Portal. A while ago, I had transferred my learning to create some menu navigation with Flash. I was trying to show the link that I knew was on the “teachers” tab to a colleague and all that I had was my iPhone. Rats!

So, I’m burned. But it won’t happen again. I spent some time today redoing the pages to remove the Flash menu. I’ve replaced it with a simple jump menu created by Dreamweaver. Navigation should be good again. No more:

This will be the final edition of GEC Computers in the Classroom for this school year. I wish everyone a terrific summer and to take a few moments to continue your computer learning as well. Look for the ELTIP group to lead a PD session on SMART Boards at this year’s Vision to Practice Conference. And, if you happen to be in Hamilton at the first of July, join J.E. Benson Public School’s Kelly Moore and me for a three day wiki workshop at a session offered through the Ontario Teachers’ Federation. Details are here.

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