What’s Your Follow?

So, how do you stay on top of the happening via Twitter?  I’ll share mine but I’d really like to hear of better ways.

Like most people, I started with the Twitter web application.  It was OK but requires a lot of work to really work it and get the power of being connected.  I wandered through various Twitter clients and they are all good.  But, I eventually settled on the Seesmic Desktop for my daily gatherer of information.

What I found I needed was a strategy to just look over and take a quick look and see if there was something of interest.  Desktop also plays a little ding to let you know that there’s something new.  What I find most powerful is the ability to have multiple columns open.  In some locations, I have the luxury of attaching an old external monitor.  In other locations, I just multi-task over to see what’s happening.

The key, I find, is to have relevant searches available for the quick look see.

I actually two Twitter accounts.  One is just for my silliness and personal use.  The other just follows news and weather stories.    Between the two of them, I like to think I’ve got the world covered.  (or at least my little part  of it).  Ever the egotist, I keep a column just for mentions of me so that I don’t miss anything.  Then, I have a couple of lists.  One is for my Ontario educators so that I can keep in touch with what’s happening throughout the province.  I have another list that I call keynotes.  In here, I’ll monitor people that I’ve heard speak at conferences or PD sessions so that I can continue the conversation.  Then, I’ll have a number of different searches ongoing.  I like just to follow the search term “teach” as it takes me to places that I’d never go otherwise.  If I’m working on a particular topic, I’ll open another search column and just watch what’s happening related to that search term.

So, here’s what my desktop looks like at the moment.

It will change during the course of the day if something needs to be researched.

What am I missing?  What strategies do you use to stay on top of things?  What’s your follow?

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