Plan Now for a Year of Social Success

Welcome back to school in Ontario.  Today’s the big day for most.  I decided to drag out this old “Post from the Past”.  It goes back to the start of the school year in 2012.  I thought that it was good advice then and I am equally as convinced that it’s just as good orContinue reading “Plan Now for a Year of Social Success”

Managing Social Media

Hootsuite posted this to their blog and made it available on December 29. Managing Your Social Media Profiles While On Holiday I suppose that it could, or should, be posted/reposted during any holiday period as a way to remind folks that there is a great deal of power available in the tools that you use.Continue reading “Managing Social Media”

Checking Out the Big Social World

Now, before you read on, a disclaimer.  This is in no way an encouragement for you to do all of this.  Remember that you have a life, a dog to walk, a family to hang with, a job that needs attention, a garden that needs weeding, … You get the point. It’s very helpful toContinue reading “Checking Out the Big Social World”

The LifeBlood of any Blog…

…is the interaction with those who read the content. With this blog, you might be reading it online and you might also be reading a copy that’s mailed to you because you have subscribed to it.  Either way, I really appreciate that you take the time to take a look at the things that IContinue reading “The LifeBlood of any Blog…”