Social Media Not an Afterthought Here

I remember the last time that we bought a house and moved in.  The first thing that we did was vacuum the rugs and clean the curtains.

This week, a new government was formed in the United Kingdom.  One of the first things that was done was to change the social media accounts.

When you think of everything that happens when a new Prime Minister assumes power, it’s pretty daunting.  Staff members have to be briefed on the regular routines, international protocol for dealing with foreign countries, the state of national security, upcoming priorities, … but … the Twitter account?

Politicians and world leaders know the importance of a public presence and image to constituents.  They have staff members who brief and train so that there are no public gaffs that could make the front pages of newspapers.  Image is everything.

The incoming administration team will be cognizant of all of this but, on the check list, will be the messages and imagery that is posted to social media and the legions of followers that track it all.  This tells me that they recognize that this is just part of the way that business is done.

What better way to keep in touch with the elements of society that use social media? 

Read about it here.

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