It’s the game of the year

And it comes from Google. Check it out at this link - If you think you know the internet, Google, and searching, here's your change to try it out. Just click the link and away you go. You'll be prompted with a search topic and have the ability to choose from some, at times, … Continue reading It’s the game of the year


Making Your Blog a Success

Much has been written about blogging in education.  I read a couple of posts this morning that got me thinking more about it.  One was from George Couros titled "Isolation is now a choice educators make".  Given how easy it is to get connected and how I can speak from experience to the number of ideas I personally get … Continue reading Making Your Blog a Success

Cloud at #ECOO13

In Ontario, like in many jurisdictions, there are two popular cloud solutions that have made their way into the classroom.  ECOO is proud to announce that both of these solutions will be at the ECOO Conference to meet with Ontario teachers and provide professional learning opportunities. On Wednesday, LearnStyle, an Ontario company will provide a … Continue reading Cloud at #ECOO13