Google SPOT at #ECOO13

The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario is proud to partner with LEARNStyle to present a full day, intense series of workshops dealing with Google Apps for Education.  The sessions, led by Google Certified Educators will delve into all aspects of using Google Applications in your classroom.  Sessions will be offered in both French and English.  Pick [...]

I Repeat–Don’t Do Stupid Things

Yesterday, the Ontario College of Teachers, the professional body that oversees the teaching profession in Ontario issued a news release announcing a “Professional Advisory on the Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media” for its members.  As could be expected, conversations were immediately abuzz with with thoughts and comments about the content.  It was interesting [...]

Rainy Days

Do you remember the old saying about saving things for rainy days?  I had the opportunity to reap the benefits of my own personal rainy day savings yesterday. It was the Minds on Media event in Toronto.  The event was a full day of professional development for over 200 teachers.  There were no traditional sit [...]

Where did it all start?

Blogger Paul C created an entry yesterday that asked, in general, what your life's legacy would be.  If your life was lived between ####-####, he asks what would the dash represent?  Most people, I would suspect, would focus on things towards the end of the dash, as that's where the culmination of your efforts would [...]