Try it yourself

If you're like me, you probably hear and read a lot about this.  "Chromebooks aren't real computers". I always like to challenge back with a why? The answers are typical - it doesn't run Photoshop.  Or, I'm not always connected to the Internet. So, I'll add a reply to that - "When was the last … Continue reading Try it yourself


CSTA’s 2015 Annual Conference is Drawing Near

With the Computer Science Teachers Association's annual conference coming up in July there are a few things we thought you should know now that we've sprung into spring and we're less than two months away: - Several workshops are at, or nearing capacity - There will be NO onsite registration for workshops, so if you … Continue reading CSTA’s 2015 Annual Conference is Drawing Near

Why Coding?

If you do a great deal of reading online, you'll have discovered a great deal of messages about the Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week.  It seems like a great movement to expose all students to just what coding is all about and perhaps to inspire the next generation of computer scientists. One … Continue reading Why Coding?


On Sunday, I added another to my series of interviews.  This time, I was fortunate to be able to interview Alfred Thompson.  If you haven't read it, I would like to recommend that you do so.  He's an interesting guy. One of the questions that I asked was what was his favourite computer science textbook. … Continue reading Textbooks