My Tweets Do Not Reflect the Views of My Employer

How many times have you looked at a person's Twitter profile and read this? They may not, but once thrown on your wall, they can stick. Writing on the internet is like writing with permanent marker. It takes the events of this past week to remind us of this. It's a heck of a way … Continue reading My Tweets Do Not Reflect the Views of My Employer


Watching the World Tweet

There are some things that I can just sit there and watch for hours on end.  One such thing is Ministry of Transportation cameras.  When you realize that every car caught on camera has a story about why they're there, what they're doing, how quickly they're moving, etc., it is just fascinating. As I write … Continue reading Watching the World Tweet

The Sweater

Bill Belsey knows his Canadiana.  I mean, how many people could make the Twitter handle @Inukshuk work?  I met Bill when we both were presenting at the Teacher2Teacher conference in Alberta.  We had a great conversation there about First Nations and I've followed him on Twitter ever since. In my Twitter stream today, I caught … Continue reading The Sweater