Three Inspirational Blogs to Read

I read a lot of blogs during the course of the day.  I take a look before I have breakfast and then read through them in the evenings.  I’m probably more of a blog skimmer – there are all kinds of them in my RSS reader and Alltop site – but there are three that I always make a point to look at.  They may not be the type of blog that you find on the well-beaten educational blog path but that’s OK.  I like to focus on a lot of things.

Last night, there was another Top 10 educational blogger list and a Twitter message went out from one of my friends indicating that this was a list that he had made.  It struck a nerve in me that there are lots of people that pour all kinds of energy into their blog for whatever reason and perhaps don’t get recognized enough for what they do.  I also get a chuckle when some of these “authoritative blogs” haven’t had an entry for weeks but that’s probably just me.

You can see where I start my day at my Alltop site where the latest entries are gathered.  In this list, I’d like to highlight three blogs that I find inspirational and worthy of a read whenever there’s something new.  I’m also happy to acknowledge that I’ve met all three of these authors.

I met Stephen Downes last year at the ECOO Conference.  I wasn’t able to attend his session as it was on at the same time as mine.  But, I did get a chance to introduce myself.  He was sitting at the back of the big conference hall with his computer on his lap typing something that must have caught his eye.  That’s what this part of his digital presence is all about.  As he’s doing his own reading, something will get his attention, he shares it, and then adds his own take on it.  There’s no fancy design or badges; I suspect that’s for time and convenience reasons.  These entries are just hardcore information and commentary.  If you want to know what’s going on, this needs to be one of your starting places.

Paul Cornies is a genuinely nice guy.  I had the opportunity to work for the same employer as Paul and met in a number of different roles including his position as a Think Literacy teacher.  He was fortunate enough to get to attend the RCAC Symposium the year that Will Richardson keynoted the session.  From there, the English teacher kicked in and his blog was formed.  I don’t think he’s missed a day since then.  The focus of his efforts is just niceness.  The focus of his posts have an earthy goodness to them that inspire me to think at a different level.  Whether he’s talking about muffin recipes or environmental issues, I always stop to do a reflection about the message he’s delivering.

Computer Science Teacher
I was immediately drawn to this blog by its title.  If you’re a computer studies teacher, you know that there are few bloggers in this corner of the blogosphere.  Of these, Alfred is a definite leader.  I had the honour of meeting this gentleman in Mountain View at a planning meeting for the annual Computer Science and Information Technology Symposium.  I doubt that you’ll ever find Firefox installed on his computer but I won’t hold that against him.  When you get past the title, Alfred’s postings go beyond Computer Science.  They really focus on student thinking, creation, and opportunities in the classroom.  Check out, for example his entry “Program Me a Story” and you’ll see what I mean.  This sort of “enlightenedness”  is something that all teachers need in order to make those connections across disciplines.

I hope that you can take a moment to peek at the three above if they’re not already on your reading list.  You just find some additional blog inspiration to start your day.

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