An Interview with Cyndie Jacobs

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview my co-chair for the #ecoo13 conference, Cyndie Jacobs.  I call her “the great connector” for her efforts on Twitter and other social media.  She seems to hunt out problems in search of a solution and has the ability to make the connection to people that she knows canContinue reading “An Interview with Cyndie Jacobs”

Padlet Feature Great to Have

I’ve been a big fan of Wallwisher for years.  I was looking through my collection the other day thinking about how I’d used them in the past.  Generally, I use them as a giant brainstorming board for presentations or anywhere I want to have participants share their thoughts.  Here’s one of them.  (blurring done byContinue reading “Padlet Feature Great to Have”


Another one of my enjoyments is Geography.  I’ve always been a sucker for a new atlas or watching a meterologist do her/his thing during the news.  I love looking through Google Earth and each time that I do, I recall geography learning from secondary school.  I get a kick watching the Geography Channel where aContinue reading “GeoBee”

Tis the Season…

…apparently for online presence awards. Look for posts all over the web next week titled “Top 10 Reasons Why Blogging Awards Are Dumb” or something. But for the moment, enjoy the moments and find some way to take away something positive from them for your own personal use. There are probably a tonne of reasonsContinue reading “Tis the Season…”

Really Using Wikipedia

One of the great things recently is the absence of posts and questions about whether or not students should use the Wikipedia as a source for project research.  Ever the optimist, I’d like to make the assumption that teachers are finding and allowing (hopefully encouraging) the use of this very powerful tool.  As we know,Continue reading “Really Using Wikipedia”