Planning for Great Opportunities

This post is going to be incredibly cryptic…just like most of my stuff!

After work yesterday, I hopped in the car  to drive over 200km to London to meet with @pbeens, @msjweir, and @cyndiejacobs for supper.  I don’t know what’s more nuts – making the drive thee – or making the drive home afterwords.  But, the company was great and so was the supper.

Before, during, and after supper our conversation was focussed on professional learning opportunities for Ontario educators.  In particular, there are a couple of events that may just fall into place for this fall.  I can’t reveal details at this point as it’s still in the formative stages but we were charged to look at a couple of opportunities to do things completely differently.

So, for the meeting, we were just shooting out ideas and poor Cyndie was doing her best taking notes and the ideas and concepts just kept flying.

At one point, she asked “Do you think this would go?”  My answer was “in a heartbeat”.  Jamie figured that, with the power of Twitter, we’d fill all available seats in minutes after announcing it.  Peter, being the constant voice of reason, had a great idea for the logistics to ensure that things worked well.

I can’t marvel about the energy that is happening during the conversation.  While I’ve known Peter for years, this was my second time ever talking to Cyndie and maybe half a dozen time with Jamie.

And yet, the energy and ideas flew forth in a comfortable mode as if we had been collaborators and planners for years.

Such is the power of networking and the ability to fill the gaps through online networking.  We know and appreciate the efforts of others even though our face to face encounters may be few and far between.  There have been a few organizations in the province very active in providing these settings over the past couple of years and, certainly, the Ontario Teachers’ Federation has been a significant player.

I drove home thinking about my “to-do” list as a result of this meeting and I’m excited for the concepts that we generated.  If we’re able to pull these two projects together, there will be a couple of brand new concepts for professional learning for Ontario educators.

Stay tune.

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