Planning for Great Opportunities

This post is going to be incredibly cryptic...just like most of my stuff! After work yesterday, I hopped in the car  to drive over 200km to London to meet with @pbeens, @msjweir, and @cyndiejacobs for supper.  I don't know what's more nuts - making the drive thee - or making the drive home afterwords.  But, … Continue reading Planning for Great Opportunities


links for 2010-05-13

Wufoo: Online HTML Form Builder - Contact, Survey Wufoo strives to be the easiest way to collect information over the Internet (tags: forms web2.0 tools webdesign form web ajax design) Cybraryman Internet Catalogue For Educational Web Sites - Websites for Educators, Parents, Students The internet catalogue for students, teachers, administrators (tags: cybraryman education educational internet … Continue reading links for 2010-05-13