A colourful post

One of my favourite features of a web browser is the ability to customize it. After all, we're running it on a personal computer; why not personalize it? Of course, there's the ability to add extensions or add-ons to the browser but there's also the ability to change the colours. I've always done that; typically … Continue reading A colourful post


The Browser I’ve Always Wanted To Use

On my computer, I've always kept the latest copy of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Safari, and Opera - depending upon the computer.  It's not nearly as important now but years ago, it really was important to test your webpages on different browsers as they can render things differently.  There's nothing I find more frustrating … Continue reading The Browser I’ve Always Wanted To Use

Could I?

... live in a browser? That was the question that I posed to myself the other day as I was reading some of the reviews from folks who are testing the Google CR-48 Notebook computer.  I'm physically minutes away by car from applying to the test program so can't even apply so I've just been … Continue reading Could I?

Plan B

One of my favourite television shows of all time was "The Practice".  It was a show about lawyers and one of their strategies was "Plan B" which would be used in certain occasions as part of the defense strategy.  It made for great drama and I remember the phrase "We'll Plan B them" just as … Continue reading Plan B