Spot the troll

A lady I used to work with shared this resource the other day. I had to check it out and was quite impressed. So, thank you, Sharon. The site is called Spot the Troll. From the Clemson University Media Forensics Hub, this is an engaging activity designed to see if you can spot an onlineContinue reading “Spot the troll”

Virtue Signalling

First off … ETFO Today marks a day of rotating strike action by ETFO members in the following districts: Avon Maitland Durham Durham Catholic (designated early childhood educators only) Halton Hastings-Prince Edward Lambton Kent Rainbow Thames Valley Upper Canada Upper Grand Campbell Children’s School Authority Details here. Unfortunately, the voicEd This Week in Ontario EdublogsContinue reading “Virtue Signalling”

Where did the cool kids go?

I hate to admit it but I’m missing Google+. I used it as a place to go for serious research, reading, and topics.  Yes, I am on Facebook but it’s more of a fun place.  I had a great collection of things to read  on Google + like Technology Coordinators, some of the organizations thatContinue reading “Where did the cool kids go?”

Don’t do stupid things

It’s been a while since I even thought about that advice but certainly I’ve blogged about it more than once.  Like this one. The context was a few years ago when the Ontario Teachers’ Federation was developing and supporting a culture of responsible web and social media use by Ontario teachers.  It seems so longContinue reading “Don’t do stupid things”

I Couldn’t Manage a Starship if I Wanted To

But, I’ll confess that I’ve always wanted to. Jamie Weir retweeted some advice from Jean-Luc Picard… What great advice! I was curious about the account “PicardTips” so I used the lookup feature on Hootsuite. Wow, look at the Klout this man has! What about moi? Obviously, not even in the same galaxy, out scored 64-56.Continue reading “I Couldn’t Manage a Starship if I Wanted To”