A Look at Innovation

It was a post by Stephen Downes yesterday that led me to investigate this resource.  EducationEye is a visualization that attempts to map innovation in education.  Once you get past the opening defaults, it’s time to get serious and do some searching.  So, I decided to check out Stephen and did a search for “Downes”.

Interesting arrangement of results.  They are colour coded by type.  The green dots represent inspiration; the purple practice, and so on.  The legend is a flyout on the left.

So, how about me.  I did a search for “dougpete” and got this.

Hmmm.  No inspiration but lots of industry.

So, let’s get past the ego search and look for a topic.  I’ll do a search for “education”.

There are filters to zero in on relevancy and a timeline.  I like the concept and am going to spend some time working this.  If it works as promised, it could be a quick launch for finding and classifying relevant educational resources.

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