What I Learned About Snakes

Yesterday was quite an interesting experience for me.  I decided to focus my blog entry about a couple of Snake Lanes that I knew about in Essex County.  The mathematician in me was intrigued by the concept of a long winding road that really goes a relatively short distance when all is said and done.  Probably in the big scheme of things, it had just mulled about in my mind categorized as recreational mathematics.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with mathematics just for the fun of mathematics.  In fact, I’d hazard the guess that if more mathematics was seen to be recreational, fun, and for a purpose that more people would enjoy it.  When I compare the passion for mathematics with some of my greatest teachers, it’s inspiring.  They attack a problem with a flourish and finish a problem with a sense of pride in something worthwhile accomplished.  Then I think of some of the other settings, it’s a matter of doing the odd numbered questions on page 37 for tomorrow and we’ll spend half the class taking them up.  I suspect that most people’s memories fall into the latter.

So, back to my snakes.

Thanks - Eric Bégin - CC - A NC ND

I was just inspired by the concept and so, like most blog entries, decided to flesh it out in case I ever needed to use the concept again.

The other thing that I need to point out is that I try to make my blog entries as widely available to folks as I can.  So, I use Twitterfeed to take announcements of new entries to those on Twitter who would follow me.  I also have announcements posted to Facebook as there is a different set of people that I interact with there.

And, there are people who either visit this blog or had it loaded into their RSS feeder to see what kind of nonsense that I happen to be writing about on any given day.

So, based upon this, I write things, with any luck there may be the odd person that knows about it and reads it.

So many people, I suspect, just do a quick read and then move on.  That’s a pretty common way for folks to interact with blogs.  I confess to doing that sort of thing; I read a great deal of blogs but don’t always, OK seldom, leave a comment.  That doesn’t mean that I appreciate things less – just that I’m inherently lazy I guess!

My snake post is now public.  My most loyal and faithful reader, my daughter, was one of the first to respond.  One of her greatest attributes is that she doesn’t pull any punches.  Her comment as it appeared on Facebook was “Were you bored this morning???”.  Hmmm.  Apparently not inspirational enough for her.  It warranted three question marks!!!

A number of other checked in – friends from the mathematics community – who could see the educational application.  I also received some emails and a whole bunch of new Twitter followers and a re-tweet by @ReptilePlanet.  You’ve got to love robots.

Ultimately, what did I learn about snakes?  Probably not a great deal more than I knew going into the process.  However, the response is something that I try to tell all people who are wavering on the edge of blogging or not blogging.  Go ahead and blog.  When you get into a routine, it only takes 10 minutes of your day and your thoughts are shared with anyone who cares to read them.  You might also get a quick refresher lesson.  Thanks, Ross.

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