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This Week in Ontario Edublogs

This Week in Ontario Edublogs is a regular post that I write on Thursdays for going live on Friday mornings at 5am.  Over the years, I’ve built a collection of Ontario Edubloggers.  The collection is here.

It’s a fun post to write and to show off some of the great thinking that goes on around the province.  If you’re an Ontario Educational blogger and your blog doesn’t appear in the collection, there’s a form on the landing page where you can add your blog.

On Friday mornings, I also share a list of Ontario Educators on Twitter who are “active”.  Those whose blogs appear are most certainly active and they’re the first to be shared.

Click here for a listing of “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” blog posts.


16 responses to “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”

  1. […] Friday morning, I start my day by reading Doug Peterson‘s This Week In Ontario Edublogs post. This week was no exception, and I really enjoyed reading all of the included blog posts, but […]


  2. […] I know that more people read my posts because of them. I’m also thankful for Doug and his This Week In Ontario Edublogs posts and his Ontario Edubloggers Livebinder. I know that he’s helped bring many people to my […]


  3. […] it hard to know where to begin. Why not check out Doug Peterson’s Friday morning blog: “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”. Doug does a great job highlighting and summarizing a few blogs by Ontario educators that he finds […]


  4. […] Doug Peterson has committed to a weekly radio show that digs deeper into his thinking as he scans the Ontario EduBlog scene. It’s a privilege to hear the voice of someone who many of us only know through his writing! […]


  5. […] different. Inspired by Stephen Hurley, the creative force behind Voiced Radio and Doug Peterson of This Week in Ontario Edubloggers fame, we are going to take our Voiced Radio show First Hand Stories to the Ottawa […]


  6. […] result of one of his blog post “Coding Snowflakes”.  Doug also writes a Friday blog “This Week in Ontario Edublogs” where he highlights great blogs written by educators fro across the province. Recently, Doug […]


  7. […] This Week in Ontario Edublogs […]


  8. […] sometimes the unexpected happens. Every Friday, I start my day by reading Doug Peterson‘s This Week In Ontario Edublogs post. Just like with all of Doug’s blog posts, I know that he writes and schedules this Friday […]


  9. […] Wednesday morning, I noticed Doug Peterson’s tweet about the upcoming This Week In Ontario Edublogs VoicEd Radio […]


  10. […] This Week in Ontario Edublogs […]


  11. […] day so much better than I had planned. I actually didn’t have a plan – but after seeing Doug Peterson‘s video that announced a segment on VoicEd Radio, I quickly gathered my supplies so I could […]


  12. […] and enjoying Doug Peterson‘s blog posts, two of my favourite posts of his each week are the This Week In Ontario Edublogs post and the Whatever Happened To post. The first post has Doug connecting Ontario Edubloggers and […]


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