Whatever happened

to Google Wave?

It hit with a big splash and a number of us jumped in to experiment.  It was neat; it was funky; it was different.  But, after the initial buzz, I’ve been just waving to myself at times to stay on top of the new enhancements.

In the beginning, I got my invite from a Twitter user who I’ve never met in person but was following me.  From there, I got my invites to send out and quickly ran out but Google was good enough to give me more and more.  I’ve got one left but now that you no longer need an invitation to join, I may just hang on to it as a keepsake.

Yesterday, I read this article that has given raise to some curiosity on my part.  It’s from the folks at ReadWrite Web and talks about how to use Google Wave for Live Blogging.  It’s an interesting concept and I may give it a shot the next time to try to do some live blogging.

I’m still puzzled with the lack of uptake in my own realm.  It may well be that it’s one of the most powerful applications in the entire Google suite but my little world tends to gravitate to other applications to do those tasks.  For example, I think of Coveritlive rather than Wave when I’m thinking of live blogging.  Collaborating on a concept?  I’ll move to a shared Google Doc or any of the great applications of Etherpad that are available.

So, I struggle with this.  Where does it or should it fit into the big scheme of things?

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