Things I Don’t Use Anymore

I was cleaning out the backseat of my car and, under the stacks of things that a person who works from their car typically accumulates, I found – get this –  two roadmaps.  Not only were they maps to show me how to get there from here, they weren’t called road maps – these were Road Atlases.  Obviously, a step up in the hierarchy of road navigation assists, but it still made the bottom of the pile.

Thank you – szb78 –  Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works

Even cleaned up, I just couldn’t bring myself to recycle them.  There’s just something magical about a paper road map that makes you want to hang on to it.  But, I know that the only time I’ll touch it will be to tidy up.  But, it was the impetus for this list of things that have been replaced by a computer component

Things I Don’t Use (or seldom use) Anymore

  • Road Maps – instead I use “Nigel”, my trusty GPS;
  • Paper YellowPages – the familiar yellow book is replaced by or the yellowpages application on my iPod;
  • Computer Software Manuals – these are easily replaced by the F1 key on my computer;
  • Desktop Computer – sitting in one place without family and television for multi-tasking is so old school;
  • Scrabble – nobody sits still for a game anymore – move to Facebook’s game for time shifting and opponents from Paincourt and Waterloo;
  • Facebook Scrabble – while on the topic, this is rapidly being replaced by the Words with Friends iPod application;
  • Dummy Books – once the staple for learning things, the good folks on the internets provide shorter, to the point tutorials;
  • Media Continuum in order of decreasing value – DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, diskette, floppy disk – it’s more convenient online;
  • Telephone – anyone who needs to get a hold of me knows that there are better and less intrusive ways to get responses – more often than not, we need to be sharing a document anyway;
  • Radio – I like my music but not the static of AM/FM which are now replaced by web radio, XMRadio, or radio channels on the satellite.

The list goes on and on.  As I start to create this list, I realize that I could go on forever.  If you’re reading this blog, I’ll bet you’re in a similar situation.  So, I’ll stop and let you add to the list.  What has dropped from your regular use list?

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