What’s in a Name? Sparkling Water

How good is your knowledge of Canadian Provincial Trivia? Do you know the literal translation of the provincial names? Thanks to Expedia, here's bit of trivia for you. Can you complete the table? Province/Territory Literal Translation Newfoundland and Labrador New Found Launde and One Who Tilled The Ground Prince Edward Island Son of King George III  [...]

Witness Bailey

Over the weekend, I had a chance to watch one of my favourite movies, Witness for the Prosecution.  Acting was certainly much different then but Agatha Christie's story is just riveting.  And any movie with Charles Laughton is worth viewing. The setting for the trial is the court at The Old Bailey in London.  With [...]

Whatever happened to …

... blackboards? Kudos for this post go out to Alfred Thompson who sent this article my way.  "Flashback to 2000: Classroom Tech That Doesn’t Exist Anymore".  Who knows? - there may be enough in there for a month's worth of posts.  But, the one that caught my attention was the paragraph dealing with chalkboards.  Or, [...]

Wonders of the Ontario world

Earlier this week, I had explored the new Google Earth and warned myself that This may take a while.   One of the things that I enjoyed exploring was the Wonders of the Ancient and Modern world. That was my inspiration and I thought.  Ontario doesn't need to take a back seat the the other [...]

Whatever happened to …

... computer networking cables? It seems like so long ago but my first connection to the internet was via a telephone cable.  I used to run a Bulletin Board System so that my students could dial in during the evenings to ask questions and upload assignments.  That required the installation of a second phone line [...]

Grant opportunity

This morning, I was tagged in a Twitter message.#MSSInnovation 2017 Grants are here! Explore prompt & apply today:https://t.co/vwMYjI2F79 cc @zengarden17 @dougpete @RobertaLP4 @BhappiJJ — Facing History CAN (@FacingCanada) April 4, 2017After checking things out, I've decided to pass this along to readers of the blog.How can you make “hard” empathy a more tangible, concrete experience [...]

Fooling and tooling

I'm not a real fan of April Fools' Day.  It's probably because I've been fooled by so many and had very little luck fooling others. All I know is that, as a teacher, I appreciated April 1 falling on a weekend. Like it did this year.  Google is always good for some special silliness on [...]