A Well Connected Classroom

“You can see a lot just by looking” This quote, attributed to Yogi Berra is one that I think that I’ve used in virtually every interview that I’ve had.  I firmly believe that there is so much to see in any situation if you take the chance to look.  I had yet another chance toContinue reading “A Well Connected Classroom”

I Repeat–Don’t Do Stupid Things

Yesterday, the Ontario College of Teachers, the professional body that oversees the teaching profession in Ontario issued a news release announcing a “Professional Advisory on the Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media” for its members.  As could be expected, conversations were immediately abuzz with with thoughts and comments about the content.  It was interestingContinue reading “I Repeat–Don’t Do Stupid Things”

Having it All

If there was a big world event happening, what would you do to bring that resource into your classroom? probably search for that term on Google or some other search engine?  Check. read a blog or two on the topic?  Check. check out Twitter to see what’s happening in real time?  Check. check out FacebookContinue reading “Having it All”

Rainy Days

Do you remember the old saying about saving things for rainy days?  I had the opportunity to reap the benefits of my own personal rainy day savings yesterday. It was the Minds on Media event in Toronto.  The event was a full day of professional development for over 200 teachers.  There were no traditional sitContinue reading “Rainy Days”

Don’t Do Stupid Things

Isn’t that great advice?  I received it from my parents, I’ve given it to my own children, and I was reminded about this on Thursday night. On Thursday night, as part of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Professional Development event, I was asked to chair a panel after supper.Continue reading “Don’t Do Stupid Things”