An Interesting Rumour

This morning’s reads bring out this rumour.  Apple’s Mobile Me to become free?

It would make a great deal of sense to see this cloud based offering made more available.  For example, the service Ubuntu One is available to synchronize your computer to “the cloud”.


From Microsoft, there’s the Windows Live offering with many Microsoft features and, of course, SkyDrive for sending files to the cloud.


And, of course, there are all kinds of other services that would entice you to use their cloud computing and storage facilities.  In this sense, it would seem logical that Apple would join in to add value to its products.  It’s the synchronization aspect that seems to be so appealing to me in all of this.

These days, how many of us are using just a single device?  We might have a home computer and a work computer and then, in the midst, a portable device.  If the reports of sales of iPads are true, there are over a million people potentially looking for solutions. When you consider all of the devices that people are carrying with them, it’s a pretty big populace to ignore.  And, it’s not like they can transfer documents via a USB key.

There’s a lot of good reading on the topic here.

This whole concept has big implications for business where security and reliability is king.  For those of us a little removed, we still want most of these things but we want it affordable or free.

The consumer seems to be really in the driver’s seat on this one.  As providers compete with each other for our loyalty, features are added to make one service better than another.  Ubuntu One offers 2GB storage for free.  SkyDrive weighs in at 25GB.  Some services try to build in social networking and collaboration concepts.  Our challenge is to find the one or ones that meet our needs best.

Into the mix comes the rumour from Apple.  It makes a great deal of sense.

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