More Functionality in Bitstrips

A recent blog entry from the folks at Bitstrips for Schools indicate that they haven’t been sitting idly by with their great product. It’s got even better.  One of the more requested items that I get is the desire to be able to upload their own images.  It’s now possible.

Just head on over to the Art Library and the Images tab and you’ll see the option to upload your images.


Now, what can I do with this?  With the launch of the iPad in Canada last Friday, there was a great deal of discussion over the weekend about who had one and who didn’t.  What a great opportunity for classification.  I head over to my Seesmic Desktop and do a little cropping and offer the following.  Here’s my latest scorecard.


Now, I know that there are a couple on the right that are wavering but that’s OK.  I can save the document online and move people from the right to the left in a heartbeat if needed!

And for my friend Kelly who complains that there isn’t a big enough selection of women’s shoes…  Make your own!


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