It should come with a manual

My 11-year old received a #sphero for Christmas and he is passionately coding it to read "Happy New Year'. Really powerful to see him figure this stuff out. Reminds me of my early days with #Logo and #turtlegraphics. @peterskillen @dougpete— Stephen Hurley (@Stephen_Hurley) December 27, 2018 This, from Stephen Hurley, was one of the first … Continue reading It should come with a manual


Hopscotch for iPad

I will admit to a certain level of geekyness.  I'm not apologetic about it either.  Sometimes, I just like to sit down and write a program for the fun of it.  It'll never go anywhere and I don't share it with others.  I find it just something enjoyable to do. One of the playthings that … Continue reading Hopscotch for iPad

Small Basic

Who didn’t cut their first programming teeth on the BASIC (Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) language.  It’s known for a lot of things: ease of use; powerful yet simple; teaches a certain programming paradigm; available on virtually any platform. I know that it was one of the first languages that I learned and I still … Continue reading Small Basic