A cipher widget

Another widget from code.org takes you on the route to encrypting messages.  If you're going to send a message, you need to do something a little sophisticated than what we did in elementary school which, if I recall, was as simple as moving each character in the message one ahead.  So, DOUG becomes EPVH.  Then, [...]

Doug gets cultured

One of the things that I really like to do anywhere I go is explore.  There's so much to see if you just take the time to do so.  I don't know, for sure, if my wife enjoys it but I certainly do.  With Google's "new" Arts & Culture application, I can extend my exploration [...]

Ziglar Quotes

I got on a bit of a roll because of a few things. Saturday, a number of us on the Bring IT, Together Conference committee met in London to evaluate the sessions submitted for inclusion in the conference.  There were so many great proposals, including a couple that talked about how to make better presentations [...]

Sketching with Snapstouch

The news this week is full of stories about the successful adoption of the Chromebooks in education.Chromebooks are about to take over and Apple and Microsoft should be worriedOf course, we saw stories like this with the introduction of the iPad.  It was successful at first but the pricing has forced school districts to look [...]

Whatever happened to …

... Logo? And, I don't mean the Instagram logo that seems to be the topic of conversation this weekend.  I mean Logo as in the programming language. In terms of timelines, I was late to the game with this one.  It never was an option at university or at the Faculty of Education.  In fact, [...]

What does the fox say?

It's one of life's great mysteries, I guess.   At the same time, sounds of animals are one of the more interesting and engaging things for the youngest of our learners.  I've got one app on my iPad that has stood the test of time through three kids.  It's called SoundTouch and it can't come [...]

How I celebrated

It's Computer Science Education Week!  How are you celebrating? Hopefully, in some way.  The activity that's getting the most attention is, of course, the Hour of Code. There are so many good ideas that are available.  As I noted last week, I've been collecting resources and tucking them away here. There's definitely something for everyone. [...]