Gulf Oil Spill

I’ve been quiet about the Gulf Oil Spill but have been sickened by the images that come through on the news services.  A new mashup puts the size of the oil slick into perspective.  It’s a mashup of imagery of the size of the spill onto Google Maps. In the image below, I’ve asked [...]

Be Alert

The world needs more lerts.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself. It does lead in to the concept of being alerted to things that are happening around you in the digital world.  Just who is talking about you?  Where is your identity being discussed?  Who is saying good things about you?  Who is saying bad things about [...]

links for 2010-05-28

ePub Bud - Publish, Share, and Download free children ebooks for the iPad! Every time you create or upload your own original children's ebook from now until June 30th 2010, you'll receive one entry in our drawing to win a free (16GB Wifi) iPad! (tags: ebook share reading books ebooks publish epub ipad) Browse Content [...]