Yesterday, I was referred to a website by Rodd Lucier dealing with internet browsers.  Now, it’s the Apple Insider so you have to realize that the content may have a particular bend to it. 

In this case, the article talked about the decline in use and popularity of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser.  The article came complete with a graph showing certainly a slide in the use of the browser.

The click through linkshows a more complete and comprehensive listing of the various browsers.  Things like this really intrigue me. What I find most interesting in all of this discussion is the love/hate relationships that people have for their browsers.  And, are they based in fact or based upon random comments from people that “this one” is good and “that one” is bad.

So, I wonder what the statistics reveal in my own little part of the world.  I have Google Analytics running on a couple of the pages on my own webpage.  So, I ran a summary for the past little while and the results are reportedly this.


In his message yesterday, Rodd asked “who are these people using Internet Explorer” and I snapped back school systems.  In our setting, Internet Explorer is the only installed browser on student and teacher computers.  So, it comes as no surprise that that’s the number one browser identified.

What I do find interesting and intriguing is the rest of the story.  The other browsers would be from web visitors from outside the board.  I’d have to do some work to see if it was even possible to tell how many Internet Explorer visitors are coming from the outside versus those who come from the inside.

I thought that the iPod users would be higher than that.

Anyway, it’s a nice picture to chew on for a while and think about the state of the browsing world.  We’ve certainly come a long way from the days of Mosaic and Netscape.

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