Saving this year’s blogs

As the end of the school year looms, there are plenty of maintenance and storage things that need addressing.  There's one other thing that you might want to store if your class in blogging ... storing the blog for 2016-2017. In September, things will start all over again, including new blogs. So, saving this year's [...]


I needed to buy a screwdriver the other day and so it was off to Canadian Tire.  Before I could even think of navigating to the tools section and then find the one from the millions on the shelf, I saw a display.  I'm such an impulse buyer. It is the current distraction - there [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Welcome to the first Friday of summer and another look at some great offerings from Ontario Edubloggers.  If you're from Ontario Education and blogging, please make sure that you're on that list.  The landing page has a link to a form to let me know your desire. As always, there's some interesting reading and thinking [...]

When it happens to you …

You hear of stories like this but they've always happened to others.  Until now.  The scourge of the Internet decides to impersonate you. Previously, I had felt sorry for Alec Couros who had run into problems like this and they're apparently continuing.  It did lead to an interesting interview with Zuck Markyburg. My story started with [...]

More clipart

One of the things that worked out nicely in the update to the Webquest that I had posted about yesterday was doing some link checking.  There were quite a few that needed replacement. I took the opportunity as well to update the graphic in the body of the Webquest.  I turned to one of my [...]

A “No-Bullying Proposal” Webquest

Yesterday's "Whatever happened to ..." post took me back to working with Webquests.  In the body, I commented: In reality, there’s nothing that requires that it be completed in a Google Doc. It could be a regular word processing document with links embedded or a Microsoft Word Online or OneNote document. It could be created [...]

Whatever happened to …

... Webquests? If you follow any of the Google events lately, you'll see that there is a huge following for the "latest" thing in lessons - Hyperdocs.  I even saw a video of a person going ga-ga over it. The advertising indicate that a Hyperdoc is: more than a worksheet, although some examples seem to [...]