A day doesn't go past when you don't run into a story about self-driving vehicles.  My read this morning included this one.Self-Driving TrucksThe estimate is in 5 to 10 years.  We've still got a way to go.We read constantly about self-driving cars and the advantages that they will have on safety.  Good enough.My question is [...]

Whatever happened to …

... blackboards? Kudos for this post go out to Alfred Thompson who sent this article my way.  "Flashback to 2000: Classroom Tech That Doesn’t Exist Anymore".  Who knows? - there may be enough in there for a month's worth of posts.  But, the one that caught my attention was the paragraph dealing with chalkboards.  Or, [...]

Wonders of the Ontario world

Earlier this week, I had explored the new Google Earth and warned myself that This may take a while.   One of the things that I enjoyed exploring was the Wonders of the Ancient and Modern world. That was my inspiration and I thought.  Ontario doesn't need to take a back seat the the other [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Happy Friday, everyone.  It's been a short week here in Ontario but that didn't stop some great thinking appearing in the blogs of Ontario Educators.  Here's some of what I caught this week. Summiting Kilimanjaro The Barranco Wall – Don’t Look Down Why we climb Asante sana to our guides and porters on Mt.Kilimanjaro Back [...]

This may take a while

The new Google Earth is here. And I'm obsessed! For a very long time, a tour of the world with Google Earth has been an interesting experience.  Now, it gets even better with an incredibly realistic 3D presentation on the screen.  Where better for a Canadian to start by taking a look at the CN [...]