Whole lotta extensions going on

Not related to this topic but I love this song anyway… The session “There’s an Extension for That” was given by these ladies at the Bring IT, Together Conference. I’m a sucker for sessions like these. I firmly believe that owning a browser is just a starting point. You make it “yours” by customising theContinue reading “Whole lotta extensions going on”

Getting serious about privacy

I think we’ve all heard of the stories – I mention that I was looking to buy this or I did a search for that product and then, lo and behold, advertisements for that product appears on your desktop. Coincidence or not, it’s pretty freaky when it happens. A long time ago, I took actionContinue reading “Getting serious about privacy”

For those big files

I remember once a tirade an email administrator went on one about sending attachments to messages. We’re not a file transfer service And yet, it was something that I need to do periodically.  So, I ended up setting up an FTP server on a disposable computer and sent the link to people who needed theContinue reading “For those big files”

Building the Perfect Browser

Baby, we’ve come a long way.  I remember working with Internet Explorer or Netscape, browsing the web when it was just a matter of “looking for stuff”.  Being connected to the internet today means so much more. Recently, I shared my browser with another person who looked at the layout and said “What’s this stuff?”Continue reading “Building the Perfect Browser”