This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Yay!  It's the weekend.  I hope that you have great plans.  Here's some reading from Ontario Edubloggers to help you get through Friday and out the door.What is Deep Learning Anyway? The CanConnect conference started on Wednesday and Peter Skillen sent out this message with its hashtag to remind folks that we just didn't start [...]

Whatever happened to …

... blackboards? Kudos for this post go out to Alfred Thompson who sent this article my way.  "Flashback to 2000: Classroom Tech That Doesn’t Exist Anymore".  Who knows? - there may be enough in there for a month's worth of posts.  But, the one that caught my attention was the paragraph dealing with chalkboards.  Or, [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Happy Friday, everyone.  It's been a short week here in Ontario but that didn't stop some great thinking appearing in the blogs of Ontario Educators.  Here's some of what I caught this week. Summiting Kilimanjaro The Barranco Wall – Don’t Look Down Why we climb Asante sana to our guides and porters on Mt.Kilimanjaro Back [...]

This may take a while

The new Google Earth is here. And I'm obsessed! For a very long time, a tour of the world with Google Earth has been an interesting experience.  Now, it gets even better with an incredibly realistic 3D presentation on the screen.  Where better for a Canadian to start by taking a look at the CN [...]

Having fun with mathematics

It certainly is possible and you might just learn something in the process. There are lots of applications written to help understand mathematics.  Some are fully taken over by gaming and graphics to the point where the actual mathematics might get lost in the process. I read about the application "Math Tricks" and so gave [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Welcome to another edition of "This Week in Ontario Edublogs".  It's a chance to share some of the great reading that I've been doing from Ontario Edublogs. Here's a bit of it ... Just Give Me a Worksheet This may well be the worst comment that a teacher could get after preparing and delivering the [...]