Whatever happened to …

... typing? Imagine two years of: "Feet flat on the floor, hands on the home row, eyes on your copy ---- begin" That was how I spend 1/8th of every day in Grade 9 and 10. Going into high school, we had to pick a stream for study and I chose Business.  I wanted to [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Happy Friday!  Here's some of the latest reading I've done from the blogs of Ontario Edubloggers. Doug and Pete’s Technological Listing of 10 Things to Fear Colleen Rose started a number of us on this trip musing about reasons why educators might fear to use technology in their classrooms.  Thusly inspired, Peter McAsh and I [...]

Empathy in the school library

One of the things that I enjoy about my morning reading is finding things that I would never have discovered otherwise.  Such was a gem that I found this morning. We've all heard and experienced the plight of the school teacher-librarian.  I'm sure you've heard the hurtful comments. They don't have any marking to do [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

I hope that Ontario educators reading this have had a relaxing March Break and are now energized for the home stretch.  Some folks have been keeping the learning and sharing alive lately.  Check out some of the recent readings that I've enjoyed. SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVISM IN THE DIGITAL SPACE Rusul Alrubail keeps the conversation about [...]

Looking up Mathematics

So, if there's a word that you don't understand, what do you do? Look it up in a dictionary, of course.  There, you'll find the definition of the word and typically some idea of what you can do with that word. What do you do for a mathematics term? Consider using "A Maths Dictionary for [...]

March 14

It comes every year on this day.  March 14.  It's better known as Pi Day. I can remember first learning about Pi.  3.14 or 22/7 was good enough to solve the problems presented in class.  And, beyond that, why would you want to learn more? Then, I had a real mathematics geek who got us [...]

Whatever happened to …

... power bars? As I look to my left, it looks like it's time for a little cable management here. The inspiration for this post came from a private Twitter conversation that I had with Andy Forgrave.  He was working late and shared some pictures of his classroom and what was needed to make all [...]