One of my favourite sessions that is held at the CSTA Conference is "Nifty Assignments". Nifty Assignments is a project to gather and distribute great assignment ideas and their materials by K-12 CS teachers for K-12 CS teachers. Each year a few assignments are showcased by the authors at the Nifty Assignments session held at the annual CSTA conference.  It is intended … Continue reading Nifty


This Week in Ontario Edublogs

And this version appears on Saturday. Friday was a travel day for me and I figured that I'd get time when I returned home to write the post. But, we were on the tarmac at Sky Harbour Airport and that sure takes the energy out of you. Plus, I was in the second to last … Continue reading This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Bad news

Sharon Seslija and Peter McAsh both shared a CBC article the other day about Bad News, a resource for learning about fake news. It's a big topic these days and the more you know, the better you'll be. So, I had to check it out. It's an interesting twist on the "game" of understanding fake … Continue reading Bad news