Getting Frustrated with Google Search

If you’re paying attention when you’ve been doing Google Searches recently, you’ll notice that it’s changed.  For me, I’m not feeling that it’s a change for the better.  This article, from Cnet entitled “Why Google is ditching search” has a theory…  The bottom line is the theory that there are more relevant results from your personal network than from a wide open search.

I happened to be looking for something today and the first results were:

Intrigued, I took a look at the personal results.  Sure, there were a couple from me but the majority of them were from acquaintances that I have on social networks and they had shared something that they had found on that topic.  The results, sorry friends, were no more relevant to me than asking the dog his opinion.  I’m sure that what they had shared was important to them but it wasn’t for me.  In fact, I could classify it as noise for my current purposes.

I suppose I could be called the creator of my own problem.  I had logged in to Google for Gmail and Google + in other tabs so Search knew who I was.

So, I made my way back to the original set of search results and started to see if there was something there that would help my current interest.  As I scrolled down the list, I see notations that “this result was from your Google Reader Subscriptions” or “XXXX Shared this on Blogger” or “XXXX Shared this on Google +”.

I was annoyed at first but then started to get a little more that just annoyed.  The results weren’t even close to what my intent was with the original search.  The more I thought about it, the more I was miffed that I was wasting my time with this.  So, I flipped over to my normal second choice in search engines, Bing, and I found an appropriate result right on the first page.

As I started to look at the layout of the Bing results, it really seemed familiar.  It was reminding me of what Google used to be.  It was just  results.  In addition, there was an option to narrow by region in the left sidebar as well as some related searches.  It was neat, clean, and helped me find exactly what I wanted.

Now, I know that Google is trying to be helpful, but I wonder.  In modern browsers, if I want to search a particular service, I can generally go to that service and do a specialized search there.  Or, in the case of the Google Chrome browser, just add that search engine to the browser.  If I need to do a Google + search, I’ll go to Google + and search it.  For my search dollar, I don’t care if I had shared a link previously.  I just want the results to my current interest.

The nice thing about current browsers and their search integrated into the local bar, is that I can change the default search engine.  At this point in time, I’m switching to Bing as the default search engine.  It remains true to what I consider search to be – at least at this point in time.

Now, if some service could bring back the Wonder Wheel!


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