Getting Frustrated with Google Search

If you’re paying attention when you’ve been doing Google Searches recently, you’ll notice that it’s changed.  For me, I’m not feeling that it’s a change for the better.  This article, from Cnet entitled “Why Google is ditching search” has a theory…  The bottom line is the theory that there are more relevant results from yourContinue reading “Getting Frustrated with Google Search”

OTR Links 01/15/2012

School Libraries Cultivate Digital Literacy As school libraries lose funding and staff, they’re looking for ways to help people understand what they do and how it impacts student learning. tags: digitalliteracy libraries digital_literacy digital literacy technology school_libraries schoollibraries literacy Multitasking:This is your Brain on Media Multitasking:This is your Brain on Media tags: multitasking technology brainContinue reading “OTR Links 01/15/2012”