An Ontario Response

Recently, Shannon Smith (@shannoninottawa) shared a blog post from Chris Kennedy @chrkennedy entitled “Education and Social Media” which talked about the use of Social Media in British Columbia.  Shannon is a big reader of education blogs so I knew that this would be good read.  And, it was.  Of course, the #1 imposed over the west-most provinceContinue reading “An Ontario Response”

OTR Links 01/20/2012

21habit: Invest in Yourself Make or break a habit in 21 days tags: habit tool habits goals web2.0 resolution change Weigh the Wangdoodles – interactive activity tags: algebra math game maths mathematics addition SpedApps2 – HOME The founding members of this wiki consist of “old” therapists, with over 200 years of experience working withContinue reading “OTR Links 01/20/2012”