Premier’s Awards for Teaching Excellence

It happens in classrooms throughout the province on a daily basis.  Typically, it’s the sort of thing that most teachers celebrate internally when they give yourselves a big “atta-girl” or “atta-boy” on the drive home when they know that they’ve done something that went over the top in the classroom.  They’ve reached that unreachable child;Continue reading “Premier’s Awards for Teaching Excellence”

OTR Links 01/18/2012

Miitla – bookmark your sites, have them always with you! Miitla is a complete platform, that allows you to save interesting things and return to them later with just one click! tags: bookmarking tools socialbookmarking web2.0 BBC – Bitesize KS2 – maths – Addition and subtraction Addition and Subtraction interactive from the BBC tags: addition subtraction mathContinue reading “OTR Links 01/18/2012”