Been There, Done That, I Think…

Have you ever taken a picture that you thought you were inspired by genius and then look at it and swear that you’ve taken that picture before?

It happened to me today.  I was doing some preparation for the university course that I’m teaching on Wednesday and I heard a bunch of rumbling outside.  My immediate thought was that there was a meter reader or something but, upon second thought, it was on the wrong wall.  I looked up and a flock of birds were using the bush outside as a staging place to rest before attacking the bird feeder.  Cool, I thought.  I’m in the house; they probably can’t see me but I can see them.  So, I grabbed my iPad to take a picture but something scared the birds.

All but one flew away.  The sole survivor stuck around for the picture.

As I stood there admiring my work, it seemed oddly familiar.  Haven’t I’ve taken that picture before?

I look through the photo gallery with no success.  I nipped over to my Facebook account.  Like so many people, I use that as an area for sharing pictures with family and friends.  Nope.  Then, I remember that last year I took part of a Photo a Day project.  The idea was to use the daily challenge to make you a better photographer.  Unfortunately, the project folded part way into the year.  I had started a Tumblr blog to post the offerings and to test it out as an alternative platform.  Did I post the picture there?

Sure enough – One of the challenges was “#ds465 Beauty is all around us.  Make a photo of some naturally occurring beauty in your area today. ”  "Peeking in the bedroom window" was the title I used.

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I wonder if it was the same bird…

I flipped through the Tumblr account to see the rest of the images that I’d taken.  It was enjoyable.  Wow, I had put a great deal of time and thought into the pictures taken as I acted on the photo idea of the day.

Then, I got started thinking.  Dangerous, I know.  Had that little bird and her friends not landed on the tree and make all the noise, the photoblog could have gone on for I don’t know how long without my attention.  It had the potential to be a sad waste – of my initial enthusiasm for the project, and also unvisited storage space on the Tumblr website. 

In the bigger scheme of things, how many blogs are started the first of the year as a good idea (and it is a good idea) but then get neglected and/or forgotten?  When you sign up to create a blog, it’s with forever in mind.  What happens when forever has a date somewhere around the second week of January when the reality that blogging is a commitment kicks in?  When you read statistics about sixty gazillions blogs on the web, how many of them are actually alive?

I wonder if a blog host shouldn’t start sending out reminders about blog inactivity – heck, you could ever set the time limit – "please remind me if I’m neglectful for two months".

How about you, reader?  Do you have a blog or other social content on the go that needs some attention?

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