The New Year in Ontario Edublogs

It’s a new year and a new start to blog sharing from Ontario Educators.  The year is off to a good start with some content and thoughts to welcome us to 2012.

From K-12 Teachers
I admire what Diana Maliszewski is doing.  Every new year should be the start of a new something or other.  In her last post, she talks about weeding her children’s portfolio as she declutters her house.  Decluttering sounds like a great idea and her criteria for what she’s keeping in the portfolio could serve as a good start for cleaning that and anyone’s house!

From Consultants and SATs
Paul Clifford has but one resolution for this new year.  You’ll have to read his blog post to find out what it is.  I won’t spill the beans here though.    He does manage to marry the arts, web publishing, and pride as he shares his rationale.

From Principals, VPs, and Administrators
Rob Delorenzo has long been a big supporter of mobile technology.  In his latest post, he shares a YouTube video talking about how mobile technology can be used with Special Needs Students.

From Trustees and Higher Education
I’m the only one who has blogged this year so I’ll do personal shoutout.  Recently, I blogged about people "who have found the way".

This was a followup to my defense of keynote speakers and the value that they have in conferences.  As I was pondering the content for this post, I realized that so many people that I had in mind when I wrote that post are bloggers themselves.  That should come as no surprise.  It’s all part and parcel of staying on top of things. 

I do wonder this question – do keynote speakers blog to be noticed?  Do they blog to get feedback about their opinions?  Do they blog so that they spread their message beyond their keynote content?  Is it all of the above?  If so, should those who have found the way also follow their lead?

As always, the LiveBinder of Ontario Edubloggers is available here and the! page here

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