Make a Cat

The dog and I had some quality time to spend yesterday while waiting for the football to start.  We had the house to ourselves for a kickoff at 1pm but we didn’t read the memo that the first game didn’t start until 3.  That gives us lots of time to experiment with the computer.  We decided to build our ideal cat to chase.

We decided to use the Catoonizer.  It’s a fun little program from the folks at Cartoon My Pet.  The Catoonizer is a simple little application to use.  Just load it and there are a couple of things that you can change.  Features and Markings (Grrrr, I’ll give you markings…) are all elements there for building your perfect cat.  (Grrrr, the only good cat is a treed cat)

So, we played around with the elements and decided that this would be his ideal cat.  Stationary and easy to catch and we played around with most of the things that we could configure.  Unlike the real world cats that we’ve run across, this one didn’t reach out and try to claw us.  

There is an export option to save your cat online.  This is a commercial product so you could export the image to your water dish so something but we drew the line at that!

It’s a fun little website and I could see the potential for students who need to create their own cat for a story.  It does require Flash in order to work but within a few seconds, you’re able to create your own customized cat.


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