OTR Links 12/31/2011

Superior Alternatives to Crappy OS X Software Macs come bundled with a lot of software out of the box and while most of it is at least passable, much of it lacks the feature set power users need. That's the catch with a lot of default Mac software, it's easy, but the second you want [...]

Welcome back, JLB…

One of the things that I do on my Friday posts is poke around the list of Ontario Educators' Blogs looking for interesting blog entries to help promote them on my blog.  I was fearful that it might be slim pickings for this entry as it's a holiday for the Christmas season and many folks [...]

OTR Links 12/30/2011

Pool Ball Challenge Arrange the pool balls so that the one between the other two is the absolute difference. tags: pool ball challenge math mathematics smartboard TeacherLED Interactive Whiteboard Resource Fifteen Puzzle A difference puzzle. Very challenging. Great to show on a SMART Board. tags: subtraction maths math puzzle Mr Printables - Free Printables for [...]

Free Textbooks

In the world of open and free resources, it can be pretty intimidating as you start to look around at the wealth of what all is available.  For me, in the beginning, Open resources often meant disjointed learning objects or animations that I would bring into my classes for a specific task.  It was a [...]

OTR Links 12/29/2011

Ash Furrow » Learn How to Write iOS Apps My friend contacted me on twitter and asked for advice on different sources on how to learn iOS apps. Since this paragraph will already exceed 140 characters, I'm posting here, instead. tags: ios development iphone software programming apps how to blog 10 Starter iPad Apps | iPads [...]