I could probably make it work

"Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM" Hands up if you remember that piece of advice.  I know that it was good wisdom a long time ago.  But, things have changed.  Today's market includes all kinds of things like the personal computer, the laptop, the smartphone, the tablet, ...  What's a person to do?  What's [...]

Stumbling into a search engine

Sometimes, you just fall into a new discovery. Such was what happened to me over the weekend. I upgraded my copy of the Vivaldi Browser, taking it to version 1.9.  If you haven't taken a look at Vivaldi, and you're in search of a browser that does it all, it's certainly worth the download to [...]

Custom words

If one of the goals in life is to reduce work, then it only makes sense to do things to help the cause. Every time I get a new word processor or any other piece of software that includes a spell check, I'll add certain words so that they don't get flagged as incorrect or, [...]

This explains a lot

I really enjoy it when interactions generate lots of new things.  That happened to me this past week. As she regularly does, Aviva Dunsiger made a comment on one of my blog posts and turned me on to a resource being served up to the world on the Hamilton Wentworth commons.  In the process, she [...]

Free images done right

I'm always keeping an eye out for sources for images and photographs suitable for the classroom.  "Photos for Class" is something that foots the bill and handles things in a very unique and appropriate manner. Off I went to check it out and did my standard search for "House". I got a nice selection of [...]

Whatever happened to …

... Netscape? From the Padlet. The actual rich history of Netscape, and its browser, can be found in the Wikipedia article.  There's really no purpose for me to rehash the actual history of the browser here when something more formal exists.  It does have an interesting history including its impact on the use of the [...]

Beyond Blogging – A New Tab

This past week was fun pulling together some examples how Ontario Educators have gone beyond the blog.  It was so interesting to explore the efforts of: Rolland Chidiac Alice Aspinall Peter McAsh Aviva Dunsiger I then decided that I wanted to make sure that their efforts didn't just fade into blog scrolling history. So, I [...]