Wonders of the Ontario world

Earlier this week, I had explored the new Google Earth and warned myself that This may take a while.   One of the things that I enjoyed exploring was the Wonders of the Ancient and Modern world. That was my inspiration and I thought.  Ontario doesn't need to take a back seat the the other [...]

This may take a while

The new Google Earth is here. And I'm obsessed! For a very long time, a tour of the world with Google Earth has been an interesting experience.  Now, it gets even better with an incredibly realistic 3D presentation on the screen.  Where better for a Canadian to start by taking a look at the CN [...]

Interactive Maps

Over the weekend, I ran into this story How to make awesome interactive map using Google Sheets in under 1 minute? Of course, I had to share it with my friends.  It was interesting to see it being favourited and shared. And, of course (2), I had to try it myself.  Here's my result as [...]

In search of

For the well connected citizen, there isn't a terrible need to remember everything.  Just search for it. Or rather, "just Google it". Can there be no bigger commercial name that has become part of our language.  I can think of a few.  How about this..."I'll have a Coke".What kind? It's interesting to see something like [...]