Just a Quick Note

How many times do you do this?  You need to send yourself a reminder, a link, a quick note, or something that’s not fancy, no formatting, and would take a few seconds to type.  Maybe you’re at school and you want to remind yourself at home.  Or maybe you’re on one computer and you want to pick it up on another.

There are lots of ways to do this.  Send yourself an email; open a Google or Live document; write it down on a paper memory note or any of a myriad of other ways.

If you’re got a Dropbox account, there’s a really quick way to do it.

The online application Textdropapp connects to your Dropbox account.  You just login to it by giving permissions from Dropbox itself.  Once there, you have an incredibly simple menu.


We’ve lived with these options in virtually every application ever installed on your computer.  The difference?  Open and Save don’t look to your computer; they look to your Dropbox account!

So, if I write myself a quick note, clicking on the Save button opens a dialog showing me my Dropbox contents.

Give your note a name and save it and the job is done.  I can’t think of anything quicker or easier.  And, of course, you have your public folder if you wish to share your note easily with others.

As you’ll note from my screen capture, you can even create a folder inside Dropbox to store these notes if you’re the super organized type.  If you’re using your own computer, just leave yourself logged in and the connection is there the moment you need it.  Bookmark the DropBox application and you’re ready to go in a heartbeat.  When you get home or to your destination, reverse the process by clicking on the Open button and you’re ready to retrieve your note.

You won’t find fancy editing tools or multi-media embeds here; it’s just for quick and easy notes and I can’t think of a quicker or easier way to do the task.


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