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I was very happy to read that the developers at LiveBinders had created a version of their product for the iPad.  Of course, I had to have it and downloaded it right away.  It’s not that navigating through the site on the iPad is a tough thing; it’s the idea that I could pull in resources from the iPad without dealing with the web.  So, I fired it up and soon realized that my thoughts about this application were different than what I had expected.  I expected much of the same functionality that I would get from the web from inside the application.  That functionality is there but it spawns Safari to get it done.

What you do get is a product that lets you manage your stuff on the LiveBinder site.  But, that’s OK – I do have access to my things, public and private, and LiveBinders that I’m collaborating on.  Not a bad start for a version 1.0 of the product.  But, I was hoping to do some searching and browsing of others’ works.  I’m just not seeing it.  It is a handy way to access and keep tabs on your own content though.

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As I clicked the icon in the bottom left, I left the application and was on the LiveBinder site on the web.  From that point on, it was LiveBindering as usual.  From the recesses of my memory, there was one thing that I’d always wanted to do at the site but kept forgetting.  I wanted to know what resources had been created and shared to support the Ontario Curriculum.  I was nicely pleased with the results.  Sadly, judging from the number of hits, these resources don’t seem to be all that well known.


For the rest of this post, I’d like to highlight what you’ll find if you search for “Ontario”.

That’s certainly an interesting collection.  If the curriculum shoe fits, give one a try and see if this offers a useful collection for your classroom.

Oh, and I had created one public collection as well.


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