A Feature I’d Missed

In my attempts to keep Twitter a safer place, I do my best and report spammers and undesirables.  With any of the Twitter clients that I use – Seesmic Desktop, Seesmic Web, Twittelator, there’s always an option to block and report a user for spam. 

Typically, these are accounts that are trying to lure the unsuspecting user into clicking on a link and then something bad happens.  In the beginning, it was for things like drugs or other things to enhance your abilities but lately, it’s been getting sneakier.  The messages look like legitimate messages by referring to a number of users, even including hashtags so that they look like legitimate messages.  Here’s one that I got recently.  The offers were for Walmart or Ikea giftcards or an iPad giveaway.  Anyone who’s ever bought an iPad knows that they don’t give these things away!


Notice that I moused over the link offer which is obscured as a tinyurl.com link.  It’s goes to a numbered website.  You’ve got to believe that Walmart gift cards, if they exist, are probably going to be offered through Walmart.com or Walmart.ca.

So, I did my part by blocking and reporting.  Presumably there’s someone at Twitter whose job it is to look into these things.


As I’m checking the ins and outs with Twitter this morning, I get another one of these spammer jobbies.  I’m on my iPad and so using Twittelator to blog the account and then, for the life of me, I found an area that I’d never visited before.

Photo 2012-01-08 6 40 18 AM

Son of a gun if Twittelator doesn’t keep track of everyone that I’ve blocked.  There’s an option to unblock them so I guess you could unring the bell if you made a mistake.  Anyway, I spent some time (way too much time) going through the list looking at the people I’ve blocked in the past.  Weird.  I don’t know how I’d missed it before.  I don’t ever recall seeing it and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the likes in any of the other clients that I use.

Bottom line, though, it would be nice if everyone took the moments that it takes to block spammers and make their efforts for naught.  It’s too bad that there are those that would use this service for anything but good.


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