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One of the games that I used to play as a kid was Hangman.  It was an enjoyable guessing game and the violent aspect of the hung player really didn’t phase us.  Well, the folks from Zynga have made a contemporary version of it for iOS devices called Hanging with Friends and I must admit that it’s addicting.

My daughter and I play the game non-stop.

It’s not just a version of the classic game ported over – it has a whole new play concept, rules, and missions.

Gone is the hanging part.  Instead, you choose an avatar that is held up in the air by balloons.  As you play a round (and lose), one of your five balloons pops and you get get closer to being dunked into lava in this volcano.  The tiles that you use to form your words come from Words with Friends – with point values and each round lets you play a double letter, triple word, etc.

Then, it’s off to the game play.  Unlike Hangman, you’re seeded with the first correct letter.  It’s the right-most vowel.  From there, you head off to solve the word.  Playing the first vowel in this manner changes the whole concept of the game.  It’s no longer just guessing at letters, that first vowel sets you off on strategies for solution.  For example, an E second to last letter in a word is a setup for the last letter being an R or a D.  Or, an I as the third last letter suggests a word ending in ING.

Of course, the competitive nature of The_Weaze and I is such that we’re always in search of words that are exemptions to these suggestions.  We both hate to lose!

Just recently, the game added “missions” to its play.  You’re challenged to create a word with a Y or to use a four letter word or …  All in all, Hanging with Friends makes for a really interesting  modern take on the classic game.

Give it a download (there’s a free version) and sign in to your Facebook account to find competitors or challenge dougpete to a game.

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