Where Pinterest Didn’t Cut It

This has been a whole week devoted to learning about Pinterest.  I’ve been finding many ways to use it.  With a Friday post devoted to Ontario Educators, I thought that would be a natural use for it.  So, I set about to try and create a board for the Ontario Edubloggers.

Quite frankly, I wasn’t looking forward to the amount of work that it would take.  I haven’t been able to find a way of automating the process and I’m all about automating where possible.  I decided to take baby steps and went to the category of Trustees and Higher Education.  I started and then stopped.

What I did is available here.  https://pinterest.com/dougpete/ontario-educators/

But I stopped.  It wasn’t giving the results that I thought would be helpful.  First of all, one of the links – to Marc Lijour’s blog was broken.  With other tools, it typically isn’t a problem as you can always just enter the URL that you know works when the site is working.  There can be a myriad of reasons why a site isn’t functional.  But, Pinterest doesn’t allow for this.

So, I skipped that and moved on to Robert Hunking’s blog.  He offers a fascinating insight to his own learning as a trustee and that is always nice to read.  But, Robert doesn’t include images in his posts.  So, I’m not able to pin his link to the board.  I know that if I moved on to some others, he isn’t along.

Bottom line is that Pinterest will only allow for active content with at least one piece of imagery or a movie.  There’s another issue that I thought about after the fact.  With Pinterest, you’re pinning a static link to the bulletin board which doesn’t really make a great deal of sense for something as dynamic as a collection of blogs.  As I considered all of this, I dropped the concept.  Not every attempt can be knocked out of the park.

It’s not a problem with Pinterest; I think it’s just a matter of it not being the tool for this sort of job.

The LiveBinder site and the Scoopit site continue to do a great job.  Please check them out to see the great content from Ontario Edubloggers.


OTR Links 01/13/2012

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