Writing and Sharing Code

A while back, I had made reference somehow/somewhere to this infographic. Thanks, mint.com. It’s an infographic that claims to show how a credit card number can be validated.  I don’t know if the algorithm explained is true in all cases but it was interesting. It’s kind of interesting when you have people reference your resources. Continue reading “Writing and Sharing Code”

OTR Links for 02/28/2011

Computer Science Teachers Association – Brochures, Posters, Videos Brochures, Posters, Videos tags: science teachers computer icsxx Computer Science Teachers Association – Exploring Computer Science The curriculum adopts an inquiry-based learning model and each unit concludes with an in-depth project. The instructional materials have been developed for high school classrooms in Los Angeles Unified School DistrictContinue reading “OTR Links for 02/28/2011”

Whither Email

There was a time, almost 10 years ago, when email became so common place that it made absolute sense to try to incorporate it into the classroom.  For economic and other reasons, many school districts just couldn’t swing it.  As it turns out, that may be the best thing that could have happened.  Have youContinue reading “Whither Email”